Treat a Clogged Kitchen Garbage Disposal Independently

A Kitchen garbage disposal may get clogged at times and choke up your entire drainage system. Until it is working fine, it helps the waste to flow through the drain pipes from the sink and gives you a clean and tidy mess. However, there comes a time when things are stand still; even the toughest and kitchen garbage disposal can get clogged and make you helpless.

Well, there is nothing to worry of; our guide will help you with some simple ways to treat your clogged garbage disposal without the support of a professional plumber. The choked up part must be cleaned promptly before it makes room for insects and bacteria to take birth.clogged garbage disposal

Simple tricks to treat a clogged garbage disposal:

• The first step to do is to turn off the switch of the circuit breaker from the main panel before you start taking actions on the cleaning part.
• Reconfirm the power by leaving the disposal switch on to ensure that you have shut off the power properly. If the garbage disposal shows no sound or humming, then it is properly turned off. It’s necessary to avoid any fatal accidents. Now, you may shut down the disposal too.
• Look under the sink from the bottom surface area. Find the center hold of the unit; you should be able to locate the hex-head bolt. It is also known as the center shaft. Use a wrench back and forth on this bolt to loosen the blades. Follow it several times before you turn it all in one direction.
• Push the disposal switch at the base, which is usually a red button. Repeat the steps until the clogged is cleared.

Common causes of Clogged Garbage disposal:

Understand the common causes of clogging, so that you take necessary preventive measures in future.
One of the most common causes of clogging is a lack of maintenance and proper care in disposing of the garbage. Sometimes, the ground water reacts to food spilled on the floor that accumulates together causing clogging. There are some common food items responsible for choking the drainage system;
• Coffee grounds
• Potato peels
• Egg shells
• Banana peels

The grinding of the above foods creates some granular waste that sticks to the pipes and creates a clog. Lack of proper flushing with water encourages it to keep storing and attracting other wastes to accumulate. If you think the cleaning of clogged garbage disposal is out of your hands, call for a professional help instead of experimenting in person. Sometimes, stubborn clogging needs professional help.

Hope you found the article useful. Contact the online professional cleaning and drainage services to get support on treating your garbage disposal and rubbish removal in its best manner. Take cleaning advice from an expert today!