Top tips to use the electric rice cooker in your kitchen

best electric rice cooker

Rice cookers are essential kitchen appliances especially for individuals living a busy lifestyle. Rice cooker can perfectly cook rice without consuming lots of time. The benefits of a rice cooker can be enjoyed more if we realize the significance using it correctly with full safety and maintenance measures about this kitchen appliance.

Safety Tips

Get fully ensured that you take proper safety measure while handling any best rice cooker brand.

Read instructions on how to use your rice cooker thoroughly.

  • Don’t touch a surface of your cooker with the bare hand, use protective gloves.
  • Always place it on a stable and flat surface.
  • Do not keep your appliance near water.
  • Plug your cooker only when it is ready to cook.
  • Disconnect the cooker properly when not in use.
  • Always keep your hand and face away from the lid of cooker while opening it.

Always call a technician to deal with the power cord or other issues in your cooker. You can also contact customer support of the brand.

Maintenance Tips

These cookers are designed in a way that they can last for decades. But to make sure you are doing your best to keep them all new.

  • Always disconnect the rice cooker from the power source before you clean it
  • Clean cooled down cooker
  • Soap water should be used to rinse and wash the inner bowl
  • The mild dishwasher can be used to clean the rice cooker
  • Never use detergent as they might discolor the surface
  • Avoid using a harsh brush for washing non-stick pan side of the cooker
  • Dry the bowl properly before putting it on base
  • Always clean the exterior with the clean and damp cloth

Additional Tips for Rice cooker cover

As per the kitchen door meals, before washing your cooker make sure to let it cool down properly or you may break the glass surface. Use right cleaning cloth. Always try to avoid cleaning with the harsh brush as it can damage your cookware and make it ugly.

Make sure you must have to be very gentle while cleaning it because it involves electric cord that can give you shock as well. To avoid this issue, make sure to remove the cord before cleaning it. It is important to use safety measures carefully. These are some of the crucial tips and tricks to use the rice cooker. Now it’s in your hand to keep your kitchen safe. These safety and maintenance measure can avoid injuries and accidents and also you can enjoy the yummy cooking experience without any kind of hassles.

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