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Home Delivered Meals
A new Home Delivered Meals menu is posted each Wednesday. Once you register, we e-mail you to let you know the menu has been posted. Orders may be placed anytime after the menu is posted, but NO LATER THAN the following Saturday at 6 pm.

We prepare the meals the following Monday and Tuesday, and we deliver the fresh food to you on Tuesday after 11 am. We knock or ring the bell when we arrive in case someone is home to receive the food. Otherwise, it is left on your doorstep or wherever you may designate in your instructions to us on the order form.

The food arrives in an insulated carrier bag with ice packs to keep it cold.

Option 1- The food is served in recyclable Pyrex containers that can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on the items, and in the oven or microwave (with the plastic lids removed, plastic container may not be placed in the oven). Soups and salads are packaged in deli containers and bowls.

Once you are finished with the dishes, please remove all labels and wash them. Then place them back in the insulated bag along with the ice packs, and place it on your doorstep on the next Tuesday you expect food to be delivered. We will pick up the bag when we leave a new one with your order. We charge a dish deposit of $30 with your initial order. The $30 is refunded to you when you no longer use the service and all service items have been returned to The Savory Gourmet.

Check our delicious weekly rotating menu for home-delivered meals, pricing and other information. Click Here To Learn More >

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