Manual vs. Electric Knife Sharpener: Unveiling the Pros and Cons

With such an amazing variety of knife sharpeners available in the market, choosing one is difficult. Moreover, the options ranging from different types knife sharpener, versions, methods, and brands, make it bewildering. It is important to use sharp knives in your kitchen to prevent injury and frustration. The obvious thing we do is to sharpen. Now, there are options in knife sharpeners too – manual and electric. Which one would you choose?

Manual Knife Sharpeners

Manual knife sharpeners are the most preferred choice for kitchen knives. However, they aren’t the most reliable sharpeners in the market, as they cannot sharpen all kinds of knives. For instance, serrated knives cannot be sharpened with a manual model. On the other side, manual knives keep you in control of the sharpening process. Therefore, you get perfectly sharpened knives.


  • Excellent grip
  • Perfect control over sharpening
  • Manual knife sharpeners are much cheaper
  • Best for kitchen knives
  • Safe to use


  • They do not sharpen knives with waved edges and serrated knives properly
  • It requires a lot of effort to use manual knife sharpeners
  • They aren’t really fast at sharpening blades

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Before detail about electric knife sharpener you can check electric knife sharpener reviews which provide faster results when compared to the manual version. Moreover, they do not require more effort. Simply pulling the blade through the abrasive does a good job. This is the reason electric knife sharpeners are so popular. Some of the electric knife sharpeners also come with a polishing disk that polishes the knife at the end of sharpening. The only skill needed is to switch the machine on and off. It has a more sophisticated and engineered approach to knife sharpening.

To use the electric knife sharpeners, simply turn the machine on and place the knife in the dedicated slot, back or heel end first. Now, just pull the blade through the sharpener and end with the stroke at the tip of the blade. Keep repeating the process twice or thrice until the knife is sharpened the way you want. Wipe off excess debris with a cloth.
Nevertheless, there are some pros and cons of these devices too.


  • Faster sharpening than manual knife sharpeners
  • Excellent sharpness of the blade
  • Ease of use
  • Very little effort required
  • Works with all kinds of knives


  • More expensive than manual knife sharpeners
  • Machine controls sharpening; you don’t

Difference between Manual and Electric Knife Sharpener

In a way, both manual and electric knife sharpeners are similar to each other. Both are designed to sharpen knives perfectly. However, there are certain differences between the two,so you can check on my tools gallery and compare both knife sharpener. which you need to consider before purchasing:

  • Electric knife sharpeners are faster whereas manual ones are slower
  • Electric machine sharpeners may be dangerous if not monitored properly, while manual ones are safer
  • Electric knife sharpener has different stages of sharpening whereas manual sharpeners have just one stage

Assessing the Sharpness of Knives

Knife sharpness can be determined in many ways. For instance, a sharp blade is one with an edge or corner that makes noise when used. Contrarily, a dull blade has a rounded edge, and your thumb might slip over the edge.
The best way to check the sharpness of a knife is by cutting an object across without any pressure. If it glides smoothly, it is a good one.